Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Last year, I remember digging up some baby turk's caps from the back yard and putting them in little plastic pots. I watered them over the winter in our garage. Then I transplanted them this past summer. I put three in the back yard and one out front in our new bed. A week or so ago, I spotted a bloom on the one in our front bed. I leaned over for a closer look and thought Hmm, that's a different pink! In the back yard, we have three varieties of turk's cap: native red, white and 'Pam's Pink.' The pink on our front turk's cap was in between the 'Pam's Pink' and native red. I even told James that the turk's cap in the front had a different shade of pink.

Or so I thought.

This morning, we watered plants, using the washing machine water (a time-consuming project). In the front yard, James hollered, "Hey, Sheryl, look at the rock rose!"


"We don't have a rock rose in the front," I replied, feeling very befuddled. Then I took a look. WOW! James was right! It's a rock rose, not a turk's cap! And oh, boy, is it BLOOMING! So last year, I also dug up a baby rock rose from the back yard! (My memory does not recall doing this at all.) It's just stunning, thick and full. Plus, as you can see, the pink blooms are gorgeous. Rock roses are on my drought-tolerant list. Now they're moving up!

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