Friday, January 20, 2012

Wildflower Center free admission January

Beautiful thoughts by Lady Bird Johnson...

Mexican feathergrass
Warmish temperatures and fairly clear skies created the perfect day for a field trip to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin. Plus, ADMISSION IS FREE UNTIL JANUARY 31! So off we went, James, me, my mother Marcelle Smith and Blanco neighbor Jeri B.  I especially wanted to look at native grasses, which I want to plant more of in our Wildscape, and also water features.

Big muhly


Pine muhly

Thorn-crested agave

Crossvine ... We have one growing on our chain-link fence. James is worried now.

Gulf muhly

A galvanized trough turned into a water feature!

Lace cactus

Another trough but smaller. We're thinking of adding of these to our Wildscape....

Big muhly


Bushy bluestem

Indian grass

A pond "in the wild"

Wax myrtle

Elbow bush

Yaupon holly and bushy bluestem

Common bee-bush

Mexican beautiful!

A Blanco crab apple tree!

Betony-leaf mistflower
Woolly stemodia, a groundcover

Mom, me and Jeri

We had a Great Day Out!
After I returned James' camera to him, he shot photos, too....

I liked this rather artistic shot by James Hearn.

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Dalene said...

The view from your window is in great contrast to my view! It was lovely going into the wild, right from my comfy sofa! You're welcome to take a peek through my window too.

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