Thursday, February 2, 2012

That time again

Oh, yes. Here we go again. Could THIS be the year that we get our very own purple martins? You gotta give us credit for tenacity. This will be our fourth spring to try.

I was such a big help this year. We couldn't find the bolts that secure the telescoping pole. I even checked inside the martin house, the logical place for them to be stored. Right? So James took off and checked the garage and shed again. I went in the house and looked in a closet. No luck. While he strode off to the shed again, I returned to the martin house and proceeded to do a better compartment check. guessed it. Just as James reappeared on the horizon, what should I find in a plastic baggy in a bottom compartment? The bolts! I slunk my head in contrite embarrassment. Thank goodness James is a patient guy who LOVES ME TONS. 'Cause he just smiled, shook his head and said, "Glad you found'em!"

Wish us luck!

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