Friday, May 18, 2012

Twistleaf bloomed!

Twistleaf yucca
After a very long wait, my twistleaf yucca--which years ago popped up on its own in our meadow beneath the live oaks--finally BLOOMED for the first time this week! OK, truthfully, this was the second time. Last spring, this yucca bloomed, and I posted a photo here of the flower stalk along with my excitement about the event. Well, thanks largely to the drought, our hungry local deer GNAWED IT OFF! I was quite disappointed, as you can well imagine. But this spring, the yucca snuck three blooms past the deer. Yeehaw!

The blooms, as you can see, are beautiful. They droop downward so it was a challenge to get any kind of shots. But I tried! 


Rock rose said...

I am excited too to see your pretty blooms. I see them all the time at the WFC but they are all eaten by the deer here. Except, I moved one into my garden, where it is protected, and like yours it is about to bloom. I will be out with my camera like you any day now. They do have the prettiest flowers. Lovely photo captures of our very own twist leaf yucca. Did you know it is endemic to the Edward's Plateau?

Unknown said...

As a young child, I saw so many of these where we lived at, but never had a clue as to the proper name for them. The photos are Fabulous!! It makes me want to go out and buy some of these lovely plants so I can have them and create new memories!

thanks sheryl.


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