Friday, April 19, 2013

Another class visit

Earlier this week, Jo Ellen C., who's with the Highland Lakes Master Naturalist class, sent me these photos of their April 4 visit to our Wildscape. She kindly agreed to let me share them with you on my blog.....

Last month, the Highland Lakes Master Gardener class also visited our Wildscape. I failed to post photos but will at the end of this post. 

Yes, that's me.

Gray shrub sage (Salvia chamaedryoides)

Bearded iris (non native, here before me)

One of our salvias....

Non-native dianthus
Texas betony
Horsetail rush...thank you for the wonderful photos, Jo Ellen!

And here are photos that James took of the Master Gardeners who toured March 26. (Our neighbors are gracious about letting people park their cars all over the street.)

P.S. I just had to scan and save and share this thoughtful thank-you card that Ray B., Master Gardener class instructor, wrote us....

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