Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A chapter closes

Today a chapter in my mother's family closes. Actually, it's more like a book. Today, the San Marcos home that her parents had built in 1938 and where she and her two brothers grew up will change owners. This special place has been in our family for nearly 75 years. Today, someone else will begin a new chapter within its rooms and hallways. 

As a little girl myself, I spent many a summer day there, sitting in the grass beneath the sycamore trees. Balancing on the metal bars where visitors once tied their horses. Imitating the call of mourning doves perched among the pecan leaves. Playing a board game with my sweet (and patient) Uncle Jim. Digging through my fancy play purse, a hand-me-down filled with goodies by my grandmother, Debbie. Eating vanilla ice cream (topped with cherry juice) with Daddy D, my grandfather. "Tastes like more, eh?" he'd grin at me. Oh, yes!

That's life. A series of endings. And beginnings. I wish much happiness to the new owner. I really do! And I hope to nurture a little piece of my family's San Marcos home in our own yard...a small yet unidentified plant that was growing like a weed near the street. I'm guessing it's a species in the mint family, but I'm not sure yet.   


Sallysmom said...

I hope you took lots and lots of pictures. That will be something (along with the plant) that you will treasure forever.

sandy lawrence said...

That must be hard to give up something that's been an anchor in the family for so many years, something so familiar and always, always there. I hope your plant does well for you and multiplies all the good memories many times over.

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