Friday, January 24, 2014

Fast food dining on a frigid day

The temperature hasn't risen much above freezing all day. So this morning, I bundled up and went outside to fill up the suet feeders. It didn't take long for everyone to show up. I shot these photos through my office window so forgive the fuzzy ones.
James captured this lovely shot of me through the dining room window.
Female northern cardinal
Bewick's wren

Bewick's wren
Male northern cardinal
Orange-crowned warbler (thanks, Joanne!)
Female golden-fronted woodpecker (the male was photo shy)


Martha said...

Oh, the birds pull us through when everything outside is frozen, don't they? Sweet woodpecker shot.
What are those chunks in the birdbath? Was that suet?

Lori said...

Love the idea of T posted with suet. Your yard doesn't look quite as frozen as mine and yours look so inviting. I have my 14 hole wooden Purple Martin house painted and ready to erect. I am waiting a few more days before we get the hole dug for the pole. I hope to have success with it.

Sheryl Smith-Rodgers said...

Hey Martha, that was ice! They all froze nearly solid that day. And good luck with your martins, Lori. Not sure I want to try again this year. But I'm sure we will. Martha (above) and her husband have a colony, and this is only their third year! :-)

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