Saturday, July 19, 2014

Slender crab spider

A new-to-me spider in our Wildscape. I spotted her last night just inside our garage. She was hard to catch, but I corralled her into a jar. She spent the night with me (ha!). Honest! I wanted to figure her out, which I did. I'm fairly confident that she is a slender crab spider (Tibellus oblongus). A juvenile, too. She probably has one more molt to go, but then I could be wrong on that. I released her on our rose of Sharon, and she posed quite prettily for me. Oh, and yes, she is missing a rear leg. Which she'll regenerate in her next molt.  


Tina said...

I've seen spiders similar to that one, but never took the time to identify. Thanks for the information. Beautiful photo!

Sheryl Smith-Rodgers said...

Was an interesting find, that's for sure!

TexasDeb said...

I too think I've seen spiders like this around our spaces though I never (knowingly) spent the night with one! She's a beauty.

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