Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wildlife Wednesday August 2014

Yellow garden spider in the turk's cap
Ode to an antlion among the dried flame acanthus flowers

A running spider I've yet to identify
One step closer, buddy.....
Happy Wildlife Wednesday! A new project started by Austin gardener Tina Huckabee.


Tina said...

Wonderful photos! I used to have many of those spiders (first photo) in my gardens, but haven't in the last couple of years. I miss them. The one I profiled in my post today was similar, but not quite the same. Good wildlife gardening to you, Sheryl.

Debra said...

Oh! These are beautiful photos. Found your blog through Tina's Wildlife Wednesday. As Arnold once promised ... I'll be back =D

sandy lawrence said...

I love those yellow orb weaver spiders. I'd love to have one or more in my garden but have never seen one among the spider population here. I'm really enjoying Wildlife Wednesdays and glad that Tina started it. Inspired!
My dawn visitor this morning was a very young armadillo, my first in the garden. Beautiful animal with armor of well-polished grey gunmetal. He was not timid but stood on his hind legs to sniff the air when I approached and spoke to him. (I think they have poor eyesight.) I spoke to him kindly but firmly regarding the matter of his thoroughly cultivating in my garden nightly and digging up plants!

TexasDeb said...

So glad you decided to join the fun at Wildlife Wednesday. Those are some stunning photos. I actually saw my very first black and yellow garden spider yesterday - posting about it later this month. I've always hoped to see one up close - hoping it will stick around.

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