Friday, December 5, 2014

Winter colors

My little point-and-shoot camera and I ventured outside this afternoon and found lots of winter color. Some of the photos aren't my best. But oh, well. Above: leadwort plumbago. Pretty!

Three-lobed rudbeckia
Common dandelion

'May Night' salvia

Wood sorrel

Fragrant sumac

Chile pequin

'Amazon' dianthus

Mountain mint

Coral honeysuckle

Green milkweed vine

Turk's cap

Another turk's cap fruit

Fragrant mistflower

Purple hearts

Bees work in the winter, too!

Green lichen

Queen on fragrant mistflower

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TexasDeb said...

These little pops of color are all around if we'll only stop to look. To me your photos are like a series of invitations to get outside and enjoy the shades of cooler days in our ordinarily heat and light washed spaces.

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