Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bulbs bulbs bulbs

Yesterday, James and I spotted this interesting plant growing from a rock in our front yard, where we have a white fence and daffodil bulbs. Judging from the emerging bud, I think it might be a hyacinth! But I have NO clue how it got THERE. We're gonna keep an eye on it. We also staked protective branches around it to keep those pesky deer away. Darn deer. 

Not too far away from our mystery plant are these...death camas (Zigadenus nuttallii) that I planted two years ago as bulbs. Oh, I guess I've never posted about them. Never mind how I came by them. The flowers are GORGEOUS. Just wait and see! 
And our neighbor's white daffodils are blooming. I've noticed the green foliage for years but had never seen them in bloom. So pretty!

MARCH 13, 2015 UPDATE 
So our "mystery" WAS a hyacinth! I was a bit late in getting a photo, but here it is. And I'm embarrassed to admit that I later remembered that we bought some bulbs last spring from a big box store and planted them with our other bulbs in the daffodil area. DUH. WE planted this! I don't think the other bulbs came up. Oh, well. 

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TexasDeb said...

Isn't it fascinating when mystery plants appear!

I have a habit of sticking forced bulbs into the soil after the blooms are spent and occasionally they'll reappear but usually years later, long after I've forgotten about them. I have a suspicion you didn't plant and forget though. Do you suppose some marauding squirrel buried a neighbor's discarded hyacinth bulb for food and accidentally became a co-gardener with you?

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