Friday, November 20, 2015

A walk in the Meadow

Since this could have been the last of warm afternoons for a while, I headed outside to nose around. I ended up in the Meadow. Still lots going on, like a few flowers still in bloom, like a stray cowpen daisy (above).
 I also spotted a tiny wolf spider mama, carrying her eggsac in her spinnerets. She was about the size of a dime.
At one point, the wolf spider paused and ran the long way around this indentation in the ground. I went back and looked to see why. There's a jumping spider lurking on the stick that's cross ways in the larger upright stick. Look hard. See her? She blends in with the dirt.
Alas, I saw a dead beetle. 
 I harvested and distributed more purple milkweed vine seeds (Matelea biflora).
 Yeah, we've got white-tailed deer. Yay. Hence, the indentations and pockmarks in the Meadow.
A beautiful dragonfly sunning on a rock let me snap some photos with my point-and-shoot.
The bees are still hard at work.
('Indigo Spires' in bloom in the front yard.)

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