Thursday, August 31, 2017

One strange sight

Melody, a friend of ours who lives in San Antonio, emailed me today with some amusing photos. With her permission, I'm sharing them here....

"Hi, Sheryl! Seeing your post the other day of the vulture in your backyard reminded me of the time I drove up my driveway to find a deer laying down with a vulture on the ground nearby watching it. I rolled down my window and asked the deer if he was okay! Then as I drove to the house, they both started following me! I was so amused by this scene and have wondered what was going on with them! Animals are so entertaining!"

Yes, they ARE! Thank you, Melody! And this afternoon, I took my lunch to our back yard and startled a black vulture high in the live oaks! I wasn't able to get a photo this time.

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