Saturday, November 18, 2017

What an honor!

Next month, I'll complete my third two-year term as president of the Blanco Good Samaritan Center, our local non-profit food pantry and thrift store. I've volunteered there since 2004. It's such a wonderful organization staffed by wonderful volunteers, and I so enjoy working there.

In December 2011, I reluctantly agreed to serve as Good Sam president after I was assured that all I had to do was "run the meetings." HA! I still laugh over THAT one! Yes, there was a bit more to the job than just that. At any rate, I truly enjoyed my six years in the leadership role and hope that some good came of the time that I spent in the position. For one thing, we as a board did purchase land in town for a new facility in the future. That took some doing!

Last month, I presided over my final volunteer meeting. To show their appreciation, board members presented me with this stunning sculpture crafted by Blue Bottle Studio! Wow, imagine my surprise! Isn't it beautiful? I think James and I found the perfect spot for it in our native gardens. Come on by sometime and see it!
(It was chilly outside when James took this photo.)


Unknown said...

Thank you for your service Sheryl! I’m sure you will be missed ❤️

Rock rose said...

What a lovely piece of sculpture for your garden. A well deserved gift for all your hard work.

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