Friday, March 2, 2018

Egg sac

We were walking in the Meadow a few days ago when I spotted this egg sac on the ground. I believe it belongs to a mama crab spider. Anyway, I picked it up, and some little black ants scurried out. I gently tapped the leaf until all the ants had departed. Then I carried it inside with me and placed the leaf in a glass jar with holes. As I was setting the leaf down in the jar, I accidentally knocked out some itty-bitty eggs. Darn! They rolled out like tiny marbles. Hmm, interesting. I set the jar on a windowsill and will keep an eye on everyone. Stay tuned!

THEY HATCHED! March 6, 2018
I just happened to check the jar late this afternoon and discovered teeny-tiny spiders! I took the egg sac and babies outside. Alas, I went back to look and most of the spiderlings didn't make it. I'm hoping that any spiderlings still inside the egg sac will survive. I feel bad. But James reminded me that I initially saved them from the ants. That's true. Good luck in the world, my little spider friends!

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