Thursday, May 3, 2018

Happy anniversary!

Upon a time, a handsome guy and a crazy lady got married by their close friend, the late Rev. Hiller, in a back yard ceremony on May 2, 2006. They've been living happily ever since! To celebrate the momentous occasion, they picked up her mother and headed west to scenic Medina, Texas, where they spent a few hours at a wonderful native plant place called the Medina Garden Nursery. (See, they knew firsthand it was wonderful because they'd been there before.)

Seriously, James, Mom, and I love the place and the partners who run it–Ernesto Carino and Yshmael Espinoza. Yshmael is passionate and very knowledgeable about native plants. You've just go to visit!

Ernesto and Yshmael upcycled optic fiber spools into a unique way to display their hanging baskets.
An East Texas penstemon
Their huge wildflower meadow...
Slender-leaf coneflower
Yshmael told us how they're experimenting with what's called "lasagna gardening," which layers paper, mulch and compost to create beds. James wants to look more into the idea, which is a form of permaculture gardening.

Crimson patch on a crownbeard.
Prairie bishop

Thank you, Ernesto and Yshmael! We'll be back! With love, Sheryl, James and Marcelle.

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