Monday, October 21, 2019

Texas mussels

I know NOTHING about Texas freshwater mussels or their biology. So I especially enjoyed attending "Livers of the Rivers" presented by biologist Ryan Blankenship at last weekend's Texas Master Naturalist state conference. 

I took some photos of specimens Ryan brought so you can see the diversity in size and shape. Each specimen photo is followed by a photo of its name printed inside the shell. There's also a photo of basic mussel regulations and two resources on the subject.  

Here's a checklist of Texas freshwater mussels on iNaturalist.  And here's a great resource from Texas A&M about freshwater mussels in Texas.

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Ryan Blankenship, AWB said...

I stumbled across your blog post while perusing the internet on this Sunday afternoon. Thank you for attending my presentation and for the positive feedback. It is much appreciated! Thanks again and happy musseling.

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