Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Bluebonnets 2020

My early-morning shots don't do our bluebonnets in the Meadow much justice. But I had to try and get some pictures. It's our best year yet in terms of numbers and spread!

And meet Prima Donna de Hearn, aka "Prima," a snowshoe calico who showed up February 16....just 10 days after we buried our last elderly cat, Abe. She claimed us the moment she laid her bright blue eyes us on us.  We were pretty much smitten, too. And we'd said no more cats for the unforeseen future. HA! I don't post photos of cats because it's frowned up to have outdoor cats in a Wildscape. But so far, she hasn't caught one single critter in our yard. 

I think God dropped her in our yard straight from heaven. Because NO ONE in our neighborhood or town had ever seen her before. She's been a wonderful gift and came at exactly the right time.

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sandy lawrence said...

LOVE happy endings! And beginnings! Prima is definitely a primo kitty!

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