Tuesday, June 30, 2020

A reader writes

Earlier today, I received this e-mail (below) from a reader. His kind words blew me away and made my day. To be honest, I nearly cried because I was touched and honored. Thank you for sharing, sir!

"I enjoy your blog so much! I’m currently 'wilding' my yard from lawn to mostly natives and wildlife-tasty plants. My change came about largely because of your blog and the 'Oh gee, oh wow!' attitude you have to critters. I’m even enjoying my snails, who much prefer my bulbine to my roses. I’d never have thought to let them be before I encountered your enthusiastic blog. Before, I just had a typical yard–lawn and mustache hedge. It looked just like the neighbors' and had no reference to Texas except when it came time to pay the city for water. Now there is zero lawn-grass, and my neighbors have had nothing but complements. Thanks for the inspiration." 

P.S. I just have to mention my good friend, Jeff B. from Houston. He’s a long-time blog reader of mine, and he’ll tell you that this blog has inspired him as well. Thank you, everyone!!!!!! 

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