Thursday, October 22, 2020

Major milestones

This year, I hit 1,000 volunteer hours with the Texas Master Naturalists, which I joined in 2012. That's a big deal, I guess. But more importantly (to me, at least), I reached 1,000 species on my iNaturalist account last Friday, October 16! That's a HUGE deal when you consider that I make observations ONLY (Disclaimer: Except for five; only two of those were confirmed to species and a third was already documented in our yard, a grackle) within our property, which is just under one acre. That near acre includes our yard, which is planted primarily with natives, and an adjoining vacant lot that we call The Meadow. I think that's pretty amazing for an "urban" yard! 
TPWD urban biologist Sam Kieschnick, aka SamBiology on iNat, confirmed my 1,000th species, a ground beetle (below) that I observed May 9, 2020. I thought it was fitting that he have that "honor" since he was instrumental in inspiring me (and countless others) to use iNaturalist. 

Well, on to the next 1,000! I'm already to 1,005......


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Regina Levoy said...

Wow, what a milestone on those 1,000 plus species! Just a 1,000 (at least) more to go...wink, wink!

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