Friday, June 3, 2022

A beautiful bearded iris

Isn't that a beautiful bearded iris? I thought so when I saw them blooming by the dozens in northwestern Arkansas last month. Now you know me–I'm a native plant person. But, I confess, we do have a bed of bearded irises in the front yard, most of which were originally planted by our home's former owners. Why not add some more to our yard as a reminder of our trip? So I got online and sleuthed around for the variety name. What I came up with was 'Indian Chief.' After a few searches, I found a good deal on the rhizomes on eBay. They arrived in the mail Tuesday. Yesterday, we read up on how to plant the rhizomes. Uh, oh, major project time! Which got done after supper. Looks like a little cemetery, right? Fingers crossed they all take and put out some beautiful blooms next year!

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