Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Scaled-down vegetable garden

After last year's struggle with heat and few rains, we decided not to plant a vegetable garden this spring.

Well, at least not to buy bedding plants....

I went ahead and planted some squash seeds that I already had. One row of zucchini and a second row of yellow crookneck. One row's come up, and I have 10 little plants! Trouble is, I can't remember which is which so we'll be surprised if and when we get any to produce!

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Lorilee said...

With the arrival of Spring, it is hard to resist the planting bug! I just plant a small garden myself. Partly because the end of the school year gets really busy, and that is when things start to need harvesting. Finding time to harvest and cook is sometimes tough! I have a 3 tomato plants (different types) a handful of cucumbers, a bell pepper, an eggplant and cream peas. Cream peas are my familys' favorite!

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