Saturday, April 11, 2009

"Weeds Redefined"

I keep forgetting to post a link to my essay, "Weeds Redefined," that's in the April 2009 issue of Texas Co-op Power magazine.

I wrote the piece last year and was told this year by my editor at the magazine that she planned to publish it next year. Imagine my surprise when I opened the April issue and found my piece! Not to mention GORGEOUS STUNNING BEAUTIFUL artwork alongside it! To see the artwork, you have to download a PDF of the magazine, then go to page 26. Oh, please do! The illustration by Austin artist Aletha St. Romain is worth the time and effort. I am so honored and happy to have my work illustrated by her. I really am. In fact, I phoned, e-mailed and hand wrote my thanks to her.

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Town Mouse said...

Congratulations! Isn't it wonderful when something gets published? Now I have to read it...Your garden sounds great. I have the same bird bath problem on the days I work from home. Quite distracting.

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