Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Volunteer wildflowers

We have some pretty wildflowers growing on the edge of our yard near a drainage ditch. So far, the city hasn't mowed them down. Yay! I'd been wondering what the yellow ones are. Now I know!

Engelmann daisy
(Engelmannia peristenia)

Another Engelmann daisy

Showy primrose, also called pink evening primrose
(Oenothera speciosa)

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Kristin Lea said...

I love looking at your pictures, I can't wait to get to see ours! Silver K was an AWSOME place to eat, thanks for the recommendation, half the family got that pecan chicken, and they were very impressed! Thanks again for taking our pictures, hope you weren't too exhausted when you got home!
We would love to have you at the reception, but if you don't want to make the trip, I understand totally.
talk to you soon! love chad and kristin

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