Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I love sedums

Okay, I can see that I could go nuts, trying to figure out the genus/species on sedums. I bought my first one last year or the year before that. I can't remember. Anyway, I thought maybe I could online and figure out what I had. So I found but–oh, my!–too many sedums!

On with my sedum story: This spring, I broke off a little piece and stuck in the ground in one of our new backyard beds (below). James stacked rocks around it, which I think turned out cool.

Then I broke off a little piece of bluish sedum (could it be blue spruce?) from a pot at the Blanco Bowling Alley. I think it's James stacked more rocks....

Then I bought this sedum from Blanco Gardens because I thought it was pretty. James stacked more rocks....

One more sedum from Blanco Gardens, this time with a garden label, Sedum 'Ogon'. Yep, you guessed it...James found more rocks for me!

I love sedums!

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