Monday, January 10, 2011

Nature writer

Just wondering.....has anyone ever read author Edwin Way Teale? A reader in Atlanta, Georgia, contacted me after Christmas and told me about him. "He died in 1980 (I think), but his books are alive with the natural world," Jean B. wrote. "He won all kinds of prizes for his writing. Some of the titles are North with the Spring, Wandering Through Winter, Autumn Across America and Journey into Summer."

"I visited his widow, Nellie, at their home, Trailwood, in Hampden, Connecticut," Jean added. "They donated Trailwood to the Audubon Society upon Nellie’s death in 1993. You would enjoy reading his works."

If I can find a copy of one somewhere, I'd like to read Teale!


darwinsdog said...

I read Teale's "North with the Spring" many years ago, and reread it a few years ago. I've also read his annotated selections of John Muir's writings. I'd like to read his works on Thoreau, if I could find them. I almost listed some other works I've read but realized they were by Joseph Wood Crutch rather than Teale. I tend to confuse these two authors in my mind.

Sheryl Smith-Rodgers said...

Ah, thanks for the name of yet another writer!

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