Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New-to-me moth and bug

Phigalia denticulata
I photographed these three critters while fetching the agriope spider sac on the porch today. Then I posted them to for IDs.

This evening, I received a reply from Randy Hardy about the moth: "Small world (bug joke!). I'm Irene Cage's brother-in-law. Blanco must be warming up like Tucson is right now–love this time of year. Anyway, I THINK your moth is a Phigalia denticulata. Some nice pics of it at the Moth Photographers Group. Wait for the experts–I'm just learning. Have a great day!" Thanks, Randy!

A P.S. from Randy later:"I stick to moths mostly. We're lucky to have Maury Heiman, a moth expert from the Hill Country, here on BG. You might look through his photos HERE to help get IDs on moths (always fun to do the detective work!)."

The next two are bugs. No, really, BUGS. AIn the genus Brochymen–rough stink bugs. Cool, eh?

Brochymena chelonoides
(per updated October 31, 2011)

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