Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The nursery....

Return with us now to November 11, 2011, when our argiope mother laid a beautiful egg sac near our front door. For 10 days or so, she guarded the sac, then I found her gone...except for a few straggly legs left on the porch.

Ever since then, the egg sac has remained fastened high up in the corner of our porch. I'd thought about collecting the sac and keeping it safely in a jar. But I never did....until earlier today when I noticed a hungry wren scouting around the bricks and porch light. Uh oh! So I got my camera and took a photo or two of the sac. When James got home, he held the sac for me so I could photograph it in the sunlight. Can you see the beautiful golden silk threads. They are STRONG! Took me some doing to carefully remove the sac.

Now the sac's safely in a jar with hose covering the top. I set it on a window sill and will keep a close eye on it. Many years ago, my daughgter Lindsey and I did this. That spring, I kinda gave up on any kids hatching out. But long about May, I heard Lindsey yell, "MOM, COME HERE!" Sure enough, the spiderlings had broken out and were ready TO GO! So we took them outside and they ballooned or crawled away. I'm hoping for another happy ending this spring.

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