Thursday, April 21, 2011


I know deer have to eat, too, but the VERY FIRST BLOOM EVER ON OUR NATIVE TWISTLEAF YUCCA??!! I was so looking forward to the huge flower! Then yesterday, when we were in the Meadow, doing our weekly cleaning-out-the-sparrows'-nest chore in the purple martin house (they laid four eggs this week!), I glanced over and saw....HORRORS!!.....the top of my yucca bloom GONE

James had told me about the casualties in our front vegetable garden, but I couldn't bear to look until I went outside just now and took a photo. See that green stalk? That's all that's left of four bell pepper plants. Sniff. The deer have also chewed off the top of one of the two tomato plants, too.

Such are the costs of a drought. Deer gotta eat, too. Just wish they'd eat somewhere else!

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