Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Caterpillar? Not!

Earlier this month, I spotted what I thought were caterpillars on the seedpods of my climbing snapdragon vine. When I'd touch one, it'd snap up, then drop back into position. Perplexed, I shot some photos and submitted them to Bugguide.net. What species of caterpillar were they, I asked.

"Could be among the plume moths," John commented. 

Then it dawned on me!

I was seeing COCOONS, not caterpillars!

Cocoon of a moth in the superfamily Pterophoroidea
Strange behavior of snapping up when touched....
Not a great shot but another "snapper."
Later, I shot some more photos of cocoons...
They're very well camouflaged against the seedhead's green.

I also photographed some climbing snapdragon seeds. They're COOL.

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