Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Mark Klym, an information specialist with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, visited our Texas Wildscape this afternoon. We invited him to come and see if our gardens would be suitable as a public demonstration site. 

Before we even stepped into the back yard, he was ready to give us an official sign!

He said our Wildscape easily meets the criteria of providing food, shelter and water for wildlife. Plus, our "lawn" is being replaced (gradually) with native plants and habitat.

I'm just a little excited (can you tell?) about achieving this recognition. From the start, I've wanted to share what we're doing in our Texas Wildscape and hopefully educate others about the importance of providing native plants for native wildlife, especially in a time when so much natural habitat is being lost to development and urban sprawl. Not to mention it's just plain FUN to observe nature and learn learn learn something new about it nearly every day.

Like I told a friend recently, I'll never live long enough to learn all there is to learn within our small one-acre yard. But I'm certainly going to keep trying! 


Kathy said...


CWPickens said...

Very cool!

Unknown said...

Congratulations!! The work in your lovely yard was a labor of love by you and James. Of course you are proud and seeing all the native plants, learning as to their growth size, plants that will attract butterflies and hummingbirds~~~

You have given us all a wealth of information and I am sure we will still keep learning.

WAY TO GO!!! A big YAHOO for both James and you. Martha & Matt

Anonymous said...

Heartiest congratulations from one of the very early Stewards!

Sheryl Smith-Rodgers said...

Thank you thank you!!

Sally said...

Way to go, Sheryl!

Sally said...

I am finally able to post comments! Yay! The secret seems to be my browser. Your website does not like my Firefox but today I am using IE. Success.

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