Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Master Gardeners tour our gardens

Carol Rankin and Glenn Bishop gave us a copy of How to Grow More Than Rocks in Blanco County, Texas, published this year by the Master Gardener Association of Blanco County.
This afternoon, we enjoyed hosting the monthly meeting for members of the Blanco County Master Gardeners. Everyone arrived at 1 p.m., then James and I gave garden tours. Afterward, they held their business meeting. The weather was PERFECT! Thank you for sharing our Texas Wildscape with us!

James helped set up chairs. I counted more than 20 heads.
They loved our new patio and fire pit.
I gave a brief overview of our native gardens and how to certify for a Texas Wildscape.

I warned our neighbors that there'd be lots of parked cars along our street today!

During the meeting, members discussed their first Gardening FUNdamentals event held last Saturday at the Blanco High School. (I was there during the morning half to share about spiders and had a great time.) They're planning to host another one next fall. 

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