Friday, November 7, 2014

A walk in the Wildscape

I headed out the back door and spotted this handsome wolf man. But, alas, he's missing a leg and likely passing soon.
We've been gone a lot lately. Then rains kept us inside, and I had deadlines to finish. So today was the first time I'd strolled through our Wildscape in a long, long while. GLORIOUS! WONDERFUL! I love nature so much.
This is a new butterfly species to me. Meet this pretty long-tailed skipper (Urbanus proteus).
A puss caterpillar! (Also called an asp.) First one I've ever spotted in our gardens. DON'T TOUCH! 
A banded argiope that I just happened to spot!

Look, a Gulf fritillary child!

Can you find her? The orbweaver?

I spotted this dapper jumping spider guy and took a bunch of photos. You can almost see his little spider brain working as he crawls atop the chain link fence. ANT!

I had to share some photos of the coreopsis that's growing quite happily in a rock! There's a life lesson there somewhere...

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TexasDeb said...

Those spiders are always fun to observe (especially safely from my desk chair), but that asp! It is fearsome. We saw our first Spiny Oak Slug right after the recent rain. We mistook it for an asp at first but it is more spiny (hence the name I guess) and less hairy, still nothing you'd ever want to touch!

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