Friday, March 13, 2015

March update

Anenomes are flowering.
Recent freezes damaged some of our salvias, but I'm sure they'll rebound just fine.
I've been so surprised to see all the Texas betony seedlings coming up. First time ever. 
Engelmann's bladderpod (Lesquerella engelmannii)
Lots and lots of baby climbing snapdragon vines are popping up. 
Texas nightshade (Solanum triquetrum)   Last fall, I was excited to get several roots of this nightshade species from my friend, Ricky Linex, a wildlife biologist with the Natural Resources Conservation Services in Weatherford and the author of the AMAZING AWESOME NOTEWORTHY Range Plants of North Central Texas.
Thanks, Ricky! My nightshade's doing great!
The coral honeysuckle hasn't skipped a beat all winter.
Bloom and grow where you're planted, just like this coreopsis is doing in a ROCK.
Lindsey's surviving peach tree is blooming up a storm. Bees are very appreciative.

So are the dandelions.

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