Monday, March 23, 2015

Transplanting wildflowers etc.

I've been busy transplanting plants within our Wildscape. Last week, I transplanted this fall aster from the front yard into the back because the deer kept eating it down. In the aster's place, I dug up and transplanted a volunteer agarita that I spotted elsewhere in our Wildscape (below). 

I also transplanted some oxalis bulbs. They're so pretty when they green up, bush out, and bloom.

In the Meadow, I set out some walking stones to our purple martin house (no martins yet). Instead of decimating some perennials underneath the stones, I moved and transplanted the flowers to the back yard (above). In the photos below, I dug up Mexican hats and Engelmann daisies from mow areas in the front yard and transplanted them to an ugly area beneath our bird feeder. We already have a wildflower patch started there with transplants and reseedlings. There are some prairie verbenas, too. Onward!

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TexasDeb said...

"Because I want to try to transplant the flowers out" is the rationale I offer for not "weeding" our decomposed granite paths very thoroughly. No matter how welcoming I try to make our beds, that granite gravel seems to encourage germination of native flowers like nothing else. Some days I think I should simply swap the spaces out - clear the beds and leave the granite paths to bloom!

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