Monday, June 15, 2015


Rock roses in the front yard.
"Hey, you need to take some photos of the rock rose blooming!" James suggested while on a break from mowing awhile ago. Okay! So off I went with my point-and-shoot. Then I decided I might as well take photos of all our pretty mallows...

Rock rose bloom a little closer.
Rock roses and turk's cap competing for real estate, as James likes to say.
A different angle on the rock roses in the front yard.
Turk's cap just starting to bloom.
Turk's cap in the back yard. We have three colors: native, white, and 'Pam's Pink.'
Rock roses in the back yard sharing real estate with a longwood blue.

My surviving velvet-leaf mallow. Beautiful!

Gray globe mallow
Texas star hibiscus about to bloom.

Our Blanco County native globe mallow.
Globe mallow flowers

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TexasDeb said...

Mallows are so lovely - in every color. Great shots!

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