Sunday, February 7, 2016


I was cleaning out a birdbath this afternoon when all the sudden--OUCH! Something seemed to be stinging my right ring finger. I used my other hand to brush off the offender and found the pictured stinger from a bee attached to my left index finger. Naturally, I had to grab my camera and shoot some images as best I could one handed. As for my sting site, I had a small reaction but no intense swelling. My finger's just fine this evening.  

FEBRUARY 8, 2016 UPDATE I take that back! My finger is slightly red and swollen, not to mention it ITCHES! BLAH!!
FEBRUARY 10, 2016 UPDATE My finger STILL itches!  

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Ragna said...

Fascinating! I have managed to get through life without ever being stung by a bee. Wasps? Yes, many times. But if I were stung I'd do the same thing -- grab the camera to record the part of bee anatomy sticking to my body ... :-) Thanks for your photos.

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