Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A new species we could do without

Yeah. We've got a raccoon in the back yard. Our first ever. He's about the size of a small bear cub. He (she?) showed up this morning. James saw him/her first. We ran out and got some photos. Then the rascal headed up into the oaks.

He came back down later, and I got pretty up close with my camera. Raccoons are beautiful animals. You can't argue against that. But I also know what a nuisance they can become, too. So I'm hoping and praying that this one moves on somewhere else. 

See the mockingbird in the top left hand side of this photo? It was protecting its territory. It's got three babies that will fledge soon.
Back up the oaks a second time.
 He's trying to snooze in a squirrel nest.
Now the raccoon is napping in another squirrel nest. Can't you just tell what he's thinking? I wish those blasted two-legged things on the ground would stop waking me up!


Unknown said...

These are amazing photos, Sheryl! I know how you feel about raccoons - they are beautiful animals, but nuisance describes them perfectly. We live near the woods and have been treated to their presence many times. The babies are so cute, but then you think, "They are going to grow up and heaven only knows what damage they might do!" One summer, raccoons tore into bags of seed corn in my dad's shed and destroyed $3000.00 worth.Good luck and thanks for the smile. Happy Summer!

Sheryl Smith-Rodgers said...

Hey, thanks, Monica! Happy summer to you, too! :-)

Unknown said...

Really very nice photos. How could you not fall in love with that face. Maybe he/she will find a mate and begin to spend more time around your habitat. All of your new family members are really very nice. Thank you for the post I am so pleased to have found you.

Bill said...

They do have a kind of beauty I suppose. Yours seems unusually bold to be wandering openly in the daytime so close to you.
Because they like to eat our chickens and sweet corn I'd rather not have them here, unless they stay deep in the woods. :)

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