Thursday, June 9, 2016

So MUCH blooming!

 Blue-eyed grass
  Bi-color sage
Not sure
Giant coneflower
 Dwarf water lily 'Indiana'
 Mexican hat
  Dalberg daisy
  Common yarrow
 Cut-leaf penstemon
 Shasta daisy
Society garlic
Coneflower (TALL!)
 Windowbox wood sorrel
  Rubeckia 'Autumn Colors' (surprise from seed)
  Pink skullcap
  Larkspur and grey santolina
  Purple skullcap
  'Longwood Blue'
  Mexican oregano
  Texas bush-clover
  Native globe mallow
 Heartleaf skullcap
  Wedelia (zexmenia)
  Texas lantana
  Trumpet creeper
  Trumpet creeper
Fall aster
   Simpson's rosinweed
   Fragrant gaillardia (pincushion daisy)
   Lindheimer's beebalm
   Wright's skullcap (a volunteer)
Turk's cap 'Pam's Pink'

Scarlet bouvardia


Shirley/Rock-Oak-Deer said...

Wow, so many great plants blooming at once! I just planted Bi-color salvia because I loved the color so much. I've seen Pincushion flower growing in a nearby park and it's one I keep looking for to add to my garden.

Maury said...

I love the Simpson's rosinweed. I have been fascinated by Silphium's since reading about them in A Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold. I have a related (White rosinweed) that I am attempting to grow from seed.

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