Thursday, July 7, 2016

Look again!

I've been on a Sabbatical lately and haven't been blogging. I think it's the heat mostly. That, and we had a hectic spring with lots going on. After everything got done and out of the way, my mental being just sorta collapsed and refused to do much. Very frustrating because I'm used to go-go-go!

So today, here I am. Finally. I'm catching up on a few photos still on my memory card. Like this little fellow. I spotted him last month on our back garage door and suspected right away what he was. Most folks might glance at him and think ANT. And he DOES look like one, right? But look again. This is an ant-mimic jumping spider (male), likely Peckhamia. Talk about cool. Their spider body LOOKS like a three-segmented ant, but it's actually two. Also, this spider waves its front pair of legs around like ant antennae. You can see that in these images I shot. 

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Laura said...

That is really cool. I would never have realized that wasn't an ant.

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