Friday, September 2, 2016

One lucky gal

James says I have "raptor eyes." I guess I do. Just awhile ago, I just happened to glance down while putting my purse away and spot....a spider? In our bedroom, by my dresser on the floor (where guests can't see), I have a little pile of items I plan to donate to an auction. Inside a metal container are two glass candle holders. Inside of one-–YES!-–I found a poor trapped wolf spider. The photo below isn't very good, but you can sort of see what I happened to see. Unlike jumping spiders, the tips of a wolf spider's feet can't adhere to glass surfaces. So once she climbed into the glass container, she couldn't get out. 

Sheryl to the rescue! 

"Poor baby!" I told her. "You're gonna be OK. Poor baby, poor baby...." Naturally, I had to take some photos first before I released her in our gardens. Don't her eyes look sad?

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