Thursday, November 3, 2016

Species of greatest conservation need in our region

While doing some research, I ran across this list on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website, and thought I'd share our ecoregion species–the Edwards Plateau.

Here's what TPWD states on the site: Along with species that have been afforded legal protection (Federal and State Listed Species) due to risk of extinction, Texas hosts well over 1,300 species that are considered to be Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN). Native animals or plants designated as a SGCN are generally those that are declining or rare and in need of attention to recover or to prevent the need to list under state or federal regulation. These species are the focus of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's Texas Conservation Action Plan and guide the department's nongame conservation efforts. The lists of SGCN below also inform regional and local conservation efforts and highlight the rich biological diversity and unique natural heritage of Texas.  

I decided to make screen shots and share the list here in case anyone's interested...


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