Saturday, November 12, 2016

Two happy endings

So this morning we ran into our local dollar store to buy some milk and bread. James and I both spotted something brown crawling on the floor way down the aisle. Cricket, I thought. Poor thing. "That's a spider," James said. Really? So, naturally, I had to go see. And yes, she was! A nice sized wolf spider! But what should I do? Think, think, think, Sheryl. I could have tried picking her up, but I didn't want to startle her or me. So I pulled off my brown Croc shoe and guided her inside. Then I took her outside and let her go in the grass alongside the building.

Why not take her home instead? Good idea, Sheryl! So I went to our car and grabbed a wine glass I'd planned to donate to our local non-profit thrift store, the Blanco Good Samaritan Center (the store funds our food pantry). Perfect! So off we went back home with our spider wolf.
I took the glass outside to our back yard and let her go. I know she must have been glad in her spider way to have a more inviting home. Right?
This afternoon, I stopped by the Samaritan Center, where I've volunteered since 2004, to drop off the glass and some clothes. On the way inside, I noticed a lady praying mantis, perched on the porch rail. Caterina and Gwen, who were working after hours, stocking the store, both agreed that the mantis should go home with me. Why not? So I gently cupped the mantis in my hand and off we went with me driving one handed. (It's only a few blocks home.)

My new friend seemed pleased to be accompanying me, as you can see. She was even more excited to see our back yard. At least, that's what she conveyed to me. (You had to have been there, I guess.)

I released her in the Jeruselum sage, where I've observed other mantids in the past. She was gone when I checked back later. No doubt, she was happily exploring her new home. Right? 

Yeah, right, Sheryl.

Can you find her?

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