Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Happy birthday, me!

Thank you, Brock!
Happy birthday to me today! So to celebrate, we headed north to Hill Country Water Gardens and Nursery in Cedar Park, where we originally bought everything for our stock tank pond back in May 2012. My 'Indiana' dwarf water lily needed to be divided. I thought this would be the third time since we've had it, but turns out this was the second time since 2012 that the poor thing has been worked on. I think you're suppose to divided every year. Oh, well. Brock (above) was the nice young man who took care of my lily.
 Hill Country Water Gardens is a pretty place to hang out.
They've even got a cool fairy garden (hard to tell by this photo, though).
For my birthday lunch, we stopped at the Oasis in Austin, the "sunset capital of Texas." No sunset for us, but we did enjoy my free birthday brownie after a fish taco (me) and beef enchiladas (James).

There's James, flirting with Ophelia at the Oasis!
On the way home, we stopped to visit a dear friend at a rehab hospital in Lakeway. Volunteers Sue, Julia and Betty with Minis and Friends were visiting patients with Mr. Wiggins and B.B., a pair of friendly miniature ponies. B.B. willingly laid his head in my lap for some photos and head scratches. What a hoot!

Back at home, time to get to work! I set my newly divided water lily into the water and released a dozen (actually 11) gambusia we bought at Hill Country Water Gardens. We already had more than 10 in our stock tank, but new genetics is always a good thing, I figure.

And finally...this is so exciting (to me, at least)...
Happy birthday, me!


Melody McMahon said...

So glad you had a wonderful birthday Sheryl! God blessed your special day with so many delightful things including gorgeous weather. Thanks for letting my friends and me explore your garden and finding little treasures coming back this spring. We saw the Standing Cypress and look forward to seeing the blooms on your blog. Hope to be able to come to Blanco again soon!

Sheryl Smith-Rodgers said...

So glad y'all came by! Sorry we missed you. Next time!

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