Friday, June 9, 2017

More...uh....yard art

The Blanco Lavender Festival starts today. This afternoon, James and I wandered among the vendor booths on the square. Oh, look, I exclaimed, Jean Porras/Mosaic Garden Treasures, a glass artist from Florence, Texas, was back! Go ahead, James told me, buy some more. So I did! I purchased three more glass birds to add to my original green bird (last photo) I bought last year and have enjoyed so much. Aren't they cool?


Melody McMahon said...

Love the glass birds Sheryl! They make me want to jump in my car and drive to Blanco!

Also, how smart of you to post the info on what to do when finding a baby bird or mammal. So many people do the wrong thing! That reminds me to tell you that early this morning when I let my dog, Pip, outside there were 2 baby armadillos in the yard. One ran into the pool trying to get away and couldn't get out. So glad I ran to put Pip inside and then find the pool net to take him out and put him outside the backyard. I've been trying all spring to keep them out of the backyard since they tear up the gardens looking for earthworms. I enjoy looking at them and find them fascinating but wish they'd stay out of my flower beds!

Sheryl Smith-Rodgers said...

Lucky baby! And yes, armadillos are awful about grubbing around and making holes. We have some, too. That's nature! (Grrrrrrrr) :-)

Unknown said...

The orange one is my favorite.

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