Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Wren house

Patrick, my son, and his fiancee, Gabby, gave us this cute bird house last Christmas. Well, we've got tenants! Cute ones, too. Meet our Carolina wren family. These past few days, a parental pair have been busy feeding mouths. Awhile ago, I snuck some photos of the brood. I'm fairly certain there are at least four nestlings. All hungry, ALL day long.


Melody McMahon said...

Wrens are my favorite birds! We had a family of them this spring right outside our kitchen door that had made a next in the hanging basket of impatiens. I was sad to find them already fledged while I was in NYC visiting my daughter at Mother's Day. I moved the hanging basket and put up a wren house instead since it's hard to water the flowers and not water the birds! I'm hoping for another family to move in soon! Thanks for sharing the babies and their hard working parents!

Unknown said...

It was fun to watch them when they fledged...plop, plop, plop, plop....all four jumped out while the parents were out...and oh, the ruckus when the parents came home.

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