Saturday, September 9, 2017

Globemallow relocation

This volunteer globemallow snuck past me and rooted itself firmly between the bricks in our newest patio. I got one lousy shot of a flower when a bloom opened. This morning, I decided today was THE day to coax this beauty out and get it potted up. Easier said than done, I'm afraid.  
UPDATE OCTOBER 29, 2018--This plant is a showy fanpetals (Sida lindheimeri), not a globemallow. It's growing quite nicely.

First, I removed a brick and poured water into the hole. A LOT of water, in hopes of softening up the soil so the roots would let go. Nope. This plant did not want to move. So I worked and worked, digging my fingers into the mud to loosen up the ground. I pulled and pulled on the plant, too. Ever so gently, of course. 
A trowel didn't help either. 
"C'mon, baby, you gotta come out," I wheedled. "You CAN'T live here!" Finally, the main root came out, but I'm afraid that I may have broken it. Quickly, I put the plant into dirt and gave it a good soaking of water. Fingers crossed!

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