Thursday, September 7, 2017


Back in July, I pretty much wrote off our third American beautyberry. One by one, the branches went limp and died. Finally, I cut it to the ground (photo below). James kept asking, "Want me to pull it? I'll get rid of it." No, I'd say, not yet. 

Deep down, I hoped maybe, just maybe, it'd come back. 

Awhile ago, I was walking around the back yard, checking out my plant tags and noting which ones I needed to create. Sadly, I glanced over at the remains of the dead American beautyberry. Then I peered closer.....Oh, my!

I dropped everything and ran inside for my camera! I took some photos, and then sat down here at my desk so I could share right away.

Sharing that, no matter what happens, there's always HOPE.
In His name, Amen.


Melody McMahon said...

My heart skipped a beat with joy when I saw the little sprout of your American beautyberry peeping out! So many life lesson He teaches us through gardening! Hope, patience, faith, and suffering are just a part of both and I never tire of His grace and mercy in His lessons.
May your little guy have a long life and feed many birds for years to come!

Maury said...

The natural world is full of hope and purpose, nothing is wasted. Even when plants die they give life to other plants and animals. Nothing is more beautiful and filled with more wonder than the planet we live on, which never stops revealing the glory of its creator.

Sheryl Smith-Rodgers said...

Amen to you BOTH!!!

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