Monday, April 23, 2018

Irises and amaryllises

Wow. I started this blog nearly TEN years ago! One of the reasons why is that I wanted to have a sort of gardening journal. A place where I could jot down when I planted this or where we bought that. Which is what I'm going to do right now–give an update on some bulbs that we planted in the past.

In a flower bed in our front yard, purple and white bearded irises have bloomed ever since my daughter and I moved into this house in April 2002. The bulbs were planted by the previous (and original) homeowners, the Bendeles. Through the years, we've added amaryllises gifted to us at Easter. In October 2015, James and I planted some pink 'Beverly Sills' bulbs that I ordered from This may be the first time they've bloomed.

In February 2016, Ed and Cathy gifted us with some 'Tarleton' irises straight from Tarleton University in Stephenville, Texas. Ed's mother, who recently left for heaven, was a long-time resident of our neighborhood and  a dear friend. As you can see, one of the bulbs has bloomed! Beautiful. Thank you, Ed and Cathy!

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