Wednesday, March 27, 2019

A fork smork tale

That's me, nearly two weeks, hunting for a cherished gardening tool that disappeared March 14. You see, I had this fork. A cheap, serving-sized fork that I used when pulling weeds. What a team we were. It held back the dirt (or sand in our brick patios) while I pulled out plant roots. It was so cheap that it'd bend out of shape sometimes. No problem. I'd just bend it back to normal. Cheap or not, I adored that fork, which I lovingly called my Fork Smork. We had such an incredible bond. Oh, I'd drop it somewhere in leaf debris or leave it behind on a garden path. But I always found my Fork Smork.

Until Thursday, March 14.

That day, we were working together as we always did, yanking awful chickweed, field madder and catchweed. Then when I went back to fetch Fork Smork, it was GONE. I searched garden beds. I searched around rocks. I searched the brush pile where I piled up cuttings. Then I went back and searched everywhere AGAIN for my friend. James even got the metal detector out and looked. No luck. A few days later, I used the metal detector, too. Nothing. We are both beyond baffled as to where that fork went. We still are. Fork Smork's disappearance haunts us every day.

In the meantime, Irene read my sad story on Facebook about the lost fork. Like a true friend, she came to my rescue and brought me a fork replacement. I also found another big fork as a back-up.  As you can see, I've taken extreme precautions that involve a BRIGHT lemon yellow coloration. Never again will I lose another fork in our yard. 

As for Fork Smork, I'm still hoping it will show up again someday. That could happen, you know. Anything's possible if you believe. And if it does, OH, what a happy reunion day that will be! 

Thank you, Irene.
My back-up.
Ready for service.

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